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Our Model


Our model is simple: we work with young women from low-income, traditionally marginalized communities who have the talent and desire to succeed but lack access to opportunity.

Our holistic approach integrates rigorous academics in a culturally attuned, community-focused environment. Through weekly mentoring sessions, monthly home visits, and ongoing peer-to-peer support, we are able to effectively meet the unique needs of marginalized indigenous girls in rural Guatemala. The mentorship program and Starfish Impact School participants are in 7th through 12th grade. After students graduate from high school, they are able to participate in New Horizons, our postgraduate program, which focuses on providing access and support through three tracks: university access, employment, and small-business development. The Chispa Action Network (CAN) connects girls and young women throughout Guatemala with each other and the world.

At Starfish our goal is to innovate high-impact responses that equip each Girl Pioneer with the skills to blaze a new trail and become part of the first-generation female outliers. This approach is in stark contrast to traditional approaches to development.

girl-pioneer-icon-04The result? Our Girl Pioneers are far surpassing several generations of otherwise incremental change. And we believe our approach will propel and inspire countless others to do the same. Please click here to read more about our impact as of May 2017.

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