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Our Goals

We measure our progress through four organizational goals. All of our strategic development and innovation is aligned with these areas of impact. Please click here to read more about our impact as of May 2017.

Goal 1: Economic Independence and Mobility

All Girl Pioneers live below the poverty line (defined as roughly $1000/year or less per person) when they join the Starfish program. The per capita annual income in Guatemala is $3500 USD, and our goal is that each Starfish graduate will exceed that amount after graduating from the program. This allows each program participant additional employment opportunities, enhanced lifestyle choices, and the freedom to choose where she lives.

Goal 2: Reproductive and Relationship Autonomy

Marriage and childbirth at a young age can limit the options for girls and young women. Fifty-seven percent of indigenous girls in Guatemala are married and/or mothers by age 18. Starfish encourages its graduates to delay marriage and pregnancy until they are an average of 25 years old and in a stable position to support a family.

Goal 3: Lifelong Learning

The history of educational exclusion for girls creates a cycle of poverty and systemic oppression. Providing a foundation in education and learning allows the Girl Pioneers to choose their path and continue learning as they age. The average indigenous adult in Guatemala has 2.5 years of schooling. Starfish strives to achieve an average of 15 years of formal schooling among its graduates.

Goal 4: Unlocking Leadership Potential

Guatemala has the lowest level of female political participation in the hemisphere. Through mentorship and the CHISPA Network, the Girl Pioneers are exposed to international examples of female leadership, as well as women’s rights, civic engagement, and vocal empowerment components that allow them to find their own voices.

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