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University Access and the Quetzal Fund

In an effort to answer the question “How far can she go?” and reach our goal of ensuring that each Girl Pioneer obtains 15+ years of education, Starfish provides support to every girl who wishes to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities.

Through the Quetzal Fund (QF), launched by Ted and Connie Ning in February 2015, Starfish provides full-ride university scholarships to many of the top 10 percent of Starfish graduates. The mission of this fund is to ensure that high-achieving Starfish students can pursue post-secondary education, regardless of their economic circumstances. We aim to prepare young women to become agents of change in their communities, their country, and our world.

In addition to the Quetzal Fund, we partner with a range of organizations—She’s the First, Progressa, and FEPMaya—to provide external university scholarships to all Starfish students who wish to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities. We employ a full-time staff member who works one on one with Girl Pioneers to navigate the complexity of scholarship applications and university enrollment.

In 2015, 15 Girl Pioneers received full-ride scholarships to attend university through the Quetzal Fund and our partner organizations. If you wish to make a direct contribution to our university scholarship program, please click here. If you prefer to send a check, please make a note that your donation is restricted to “university scholarships.” Thank you for your support!

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