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Starfish aims to ensure that our graduates find employment in the formal sector and earn more than the per capita annual income in Guatemala ($3,500/year) after graduating from high school. In order to reach these goals, we support our students and graduates through formal internships.

Nothing informs career direction more than firsthand experience. However, Girl Pioneers come from families that lack both experience in the formal job sector and the networks to support their daughter’s job search. Starfish coaches address this need by matching Girl Pioneers with paid three- to six-month internships with other social impact organizations. Partner organizations with larger capacity often cover the cost of the entire internship salary (typically $125/month). When Starfish works with partner organizations that have smaller budgets, we will often cover half or all of the cost of the internship wage.

Of the 30 internships completed by high school students and graduates in 2015, roughly 85 percent were carried out in local NGOs, schools, or health clinics. Several high school graduates who completed internships in 2015 were invited to extend their internships or accept formal salaried positions.

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