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GOAL 1: Economic Independence and Mobility—Can she choose where she lives, where she works, and the type of life she wants to lead?

The per capita annual income in Guatemala is $3500 USD, and Starfish’s goal is for each graduate to exceed that amount after graduating from the program. All Girl Pioneers live below the poverty line (roughly $1000/year or less) when they join the Starfish program. Currently, 87 percent of the 152 graduates are working and earning money for their families, 30 percent employed at either a school or NGO. Twelve percent of all graduates have already exceeded the income goal, and 43 percent are working in the formal economy. If we also include the number of graduates studying as “on track” toward economic autonomy and mobility, 91 percent of graduates are on their way to reach this goal.

GOAL 2: Reproductive and Relationship Autonomy—Teenage pregnancy and marriage can artificially lower the ceiling of her potential. Is she empowered to choose a different path?

Fifty-seven percent of indigenous girls in Guatemala are married and/or mothers by age 18. Starfish encourages its graduates to delay marriage and pregnancy until they are at least 25 years old and in a stable position to support a family. Ninety-six percent of Starfish graduates have delayed pregnancy and marriage until turning 25.

GOAL 3: Lifelong Learning—Is she a lifetime learner? Did she break through the centuries of educational exclusion?

The average indigenous adult in Guatemala has 2.5 years of schooling. Starfish Girl Pioneers are often the first in their families to graduate from high school, but their potential doesn’t stop there. Starfish strives for an average of 15 years of formal schooling among its graduates. Fifty-five percent of graduates are currently enrolled in university or taking classes, and 48 percent of those students have university scholarships.

GOAL 4: Unlocking Leadership Potential—Is she empowered to empower?

Guatemala has the lowest level of female political participation in the hemisphere. Though informal influence cannot be measured, Starfish does track levels of formal influence. Fifty-one percent of graduates are working for NGOs, involved in community service projects, and/or have been elected to voluntary positions of leadership.

*The numbers listed on the results page were last updated in May 2017.

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