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Ingrid’s Story: Commitment to Her Lifelong Learning

By 6 AM, Ingrid is out the door to head to school. She meets another Impact School student, Zoila, so that they can walk to the bus stop together. Ingrid doesn’t return home until 6 PM, but her mother affirms that despite the long days, she comes home with the same enthusiasm that she leaves…

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Paying It Forward

Educators at the Impact School teach students in dynamic and engaging ways to help them learn and grow. For most girls at the school, the attentiveness and dedication of their educators is a new experience. In Guatemala, teachers at public schools often lack the skills and training required to instruct effectively. Jerónima, Kaqchikel educator at…

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Defining Culture at the Starfish Impact School

What do you think of when you hear the word “culture”? Your mind may have just drifted to the food, language, or clothing of a particular group of people. Celebrating indigenous Mayan culture is a very important aspect of the Starfish Impact School. The school is designed to provide young women with a high-quality education…

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Meet the Mentors

Girl Pioneers are reaching new heights as they become educated and confident young women who are contributing to a more gender-equal world. As we support them, we focus on the “whole girl.” Our approach is not only concerned with the hours that we are face to face with Girl Pioneers at the Starfish Impact School.…

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If She Can Do It, I Can Do It

  We believe in the importance of giving Girl Pioneers female role models from all over the world who they can look up to and emulate at the Starfish Impact School. When they begin participating in Escuela Estrellita, a five month preparatory program for rising seventh graders, each new cohort has the opportunity to name…

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Her Infinite Impact: Chonita’s Story of Determination

Growing up in a rural village outside of Santiago Atitlán, Concepción Micaela, “Chonita,” didn’t think she was cut out for school. Her mom never stepped foot inside one and spent her days tailoring clothing to make a small income. Chonita’s father passed away when she was young, and her two brothers worked to support the…

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Volcanothon 2018: Summiting San Pedro

Climbing San Pedro Volcano is a favorite activity among Girl Pioneers, Starfish staff, and visitors. There are always unforgettable memories made during the scavenger hunt the day before the climb and after everyone celebrates reaching the summit together. For us, though, it is much more than a fun tradition. It symbolizes the steep climbs that…

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Starfish Impact School: First Year Reflections

In January 2017, we took a huge leap of faith and opened the Starfish Impact School. Over the past year, our first cohort of 47 students modeled perseverance, resilience, and the ability to adapt to a new style of teaching and learning. With each new school day, each Girl Pioneer demonstrated her dedication to the…

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Photo Credit: Kate Lord Photography

Stand With Girls. Become Their Ally.

Millions of voices have come together in recent years to amplify this simple fact: Girls’ education is the lifeline to global development. When you educate a girl, you don’t just educate an individual; you lift up her family, her community, and future generations. Yet an astounding 130 million girls worldwide remain out of school. Without…

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How the Starfish Impact School is Revolutionizing Education in Guatemala

In January 2017, we will launch the Starfish Impact School—a free, all-girls secondary school that will differ dramatically from any existing school in Guatemala. According to a recent report by the Malala Fund, 32 million girls are currently missing out on the first 3 years of secondary education, and millions more who start never graduate.…

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