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Defining Culture at the Starfish Impact School

What do you think of when you hear the word “culture”? Your mind may have just drifted to the food, language, or clothing of a particular group of people. Celebrating indigenous Mayan culture is a very important aspect of the Starfish Impact School. The school is designed to provide young women with a high-quality education…

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Unite with Girl Pioneers and #PressforProgress

  When it comes to achieving gender parity, girls in Guatemala have the odds stacked against them, especially if they live in rural indigenous communities. Fortunately, the story does not end there, and Girl Pioneers are pressing for progress. The young women in the Starfish program are standing tall in the face of adversity to…

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Photo Credit: Kate Lord Photography

Stand With Girls. Become Their Ally.

Millions of voices have come together in recent years to amplify this simple fact: Girls’ education is the lifeline to global development. When you educate a girl, you don’t just educate an individual; you lift up her family, her community, and future generations. Yet an astounding 130 million girls worldwide remain out of school. Without…

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7 Ways Our Small Business Program Fosters High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Women face significant obstacles and inequalities in the workplace—we know this—and indigenous women in Guatemala face even more disadvantages. Ninety percent of Guatemalan adolescents receive no job-readiness training. In a country where roughly half the population is Mayan, only 12 percent of small businesses’ employees are indigenous. We call the young women in our program…

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