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Starfish One by One book!

We are excited to announce that in September 2011, just in time for the holiday season, we will be selling copies of “A Mayan Star Born to Shine”. This whimsical children’s book written by Amaris Espinosa and illustrated by Sabina Espinet, is inspired by the writings of 75 girls in the Starfish program and it…

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Meet Lorena

Three years ago, Lorena was a typical 14 year-old girl in rural Guatemala. She hid her poor self-esteem by energetically begging tourists for handouts. Her posture betrayed her though. She walked slumped over almost like the men in her community who have to carry heavy loads of firewood. In 2008, Lorena became a member of…

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Book Day

On April 16th, Starfish one by one students and mentors participated in an event to promote reading together with the local library in Chicacao.

A Givology interview with Travis Ning, Executive Director

One unique campaign that resulted in 2 full starfish sponsorships

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