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Ingrid’s Story: Commitment to Her Lifelong Learning

By 6 AM, Ingrid is out the door to head to school. She meets another Impact School student, Zoila, so that they can walk to the bus stop together. Ingrid doesn’t return home until 6 PM, but her mother affirms that despite the long days, she comes home with the same enthusiasm that she leaves…

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Paying It Forward

Educators at the Impact School teach students in dynamic and engaging ways to help them learn and grow. For most girls at the school, the attentiveness and dedication of their educators is a new experience. In Guatemala, teachers at public schools often lack the skills and training required to instruct effectively. Jerónima, Kaqchikel educator at…

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Life Lessons Inside and Outside the Classroom

Education has the power to transform lives. Teachers can have a profound influence on their students through their instruction, and the lessons learned within the bounds of a classroom are critical. Yet, we also recognize that the teachers of life’s important lessons are found outside the classroom as well. Our staff is made up of…

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