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Using My Voice to Achieve My Dreams by Milsa Sajvin

When I was seven years old, I began to work selling bracelets on the street with my older brother. Maybe we sold to you or someone you know in Panajachel? My mother stayed in our home to cook, clean, and care for my younger brother and sister. During the night, she would stay awake to…

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Finding My Voice by Norma Baján

In Guatemala, women represent more than 50% of the population, yet many still lack educational opportunities and gender equality. Above all, they lack a voice of their own; a voice that reflects their desires, their dreams, their decisions, the manifestation, a voice that fights, that thinks, that transforms, but above all, that impacts. We are…

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Pamela’s NYC Reflections

Starfish unlocks and maximizes the potential of young women, connecting them to opportunities that allow them to broaden their horizons. Girl Pioneer Pamela is a 19-year-old from Panajachel, Guatemala, who is currently in her last year of studying the bilingual secretary track at a private high school and plans to study social work in university.…

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