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Maria Victoria: Ambition & Perseverance

Maria Victoria Calel Chivalan (pictured above, participating in a scavenger hunt with student from the KIPP Gaston program) lives in the rural community of San Andres and is currently in the 11th grade earning a “Bilingual Secretary” degree. This is just a stepping-stone, though; her dream job is far more ambitious. Can you tell me…

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Maria Petzey: Daring Greatly

  “On the day after I turned 15, I was buried alive.” So begins the story of Maria Petzey Ixbalán, Starfish graduate and member of the “New Horizons” program. In 2005, a landslide struck Maria’s village of Panabaj and devastated the population. Homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and hundreds of families were displaced. Maria acutely remembers…

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