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Halloween in Evergreen

Halloween is coming! Everyone is wearing costumes and it is so funny because it is the first time I have seen people wearing costumes all day long. To me, it is beautiful. The people say that a long time ago, the dead came back to life to scare the living. So, people wear costumes in…

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Raising Our Voices with Voz Empoderada

On the morning of Friday, October 25th, everything in Panajachel seemed to carry on as usual. Pedestrians made their way to work. Venders set up their stands next to the street. Tuk-tuks wove through crowds at unsettling speeds. But at the edge of town, on the street just below the Starfish office, a strange sight…

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This blog post was written by Yolanda, a Starfish graduate who is currently working with our team in Colorado. It is interesting for us to see the mirroring experiences that she and Eliza are having as they work with Starfish in two different countries. Adventures! Evergreen is a very beautiful place. I like it a…

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Scaling the Volcano

About a week ago, Norma, our in-country director, described the Starfish journey as climbing a volcano. I agreed with her enthusiastically. Mountain-climbing seemed to me like the go-to metaphor for challenge. Not even a metaphor anymore, considering how often we use it in our day-to-day conversations. And so I was hardly paying attention when she…

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A Day with Dining for Women

On Sunday, Starfish had the pleasure of welcoming visitors from an organization in the United States called Dining for Women. With about 400 chapters all over the country, this organization is every woman’s dream: friends, food, and philanthropy, all in the same place! Members of DFW meet with their chapters once every month to enjoy…

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Eliza Joins the Starfish Team

It’s 11:17 a.m. when my plane touches down in Guatemala City. I’m in the middle of explaining to the woman sitting to my left, in broken Spanish, why I, Eliza, an 18-year-old female who just graduated from high school, will be spending the next three months living in Panajachel without my family. Why, while most…

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