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Just a Saturday with Starfish – 2013 volcanothon

Saturday was a Starfish day. Today we:  Joined in nine ice breaker sessions Met over 55 Starfish students Sprinted approximately six miles total to open air markets Traveled by four forms of transportation Made 80 servings of fruit salad Attempted to make 200 tortillas by hand Made new friends and saw old one Heard dozens…

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Day in the life of a Starfish student

7th grader Micaela shares about her life in a Guatemala village. “I get up at 6 am every day. I wash my face, get dressed, and start making tortillas for breakfast. We are a big family (10 brothers and sisters!) so my sisters and I all help get everyone ready. Sometimes we take turns in the…

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Sharing our success

Starfish has never been built to serve thousands of students at one time. Our model is just too individual, too intensive. Our growth comes instead through training other organizations. Starfish is the “laboratory” to field test best practices in the rural, Mayan Guatemalan context and the RIPPLE program is our training model, sharing with others…

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Get creative!

Starfish girl pioneers are busy! So busy, that the simple parts of being a child are often forgotten. Thankfully, Starfish volunteer, Patsy Schmitz, has been on hand to help – with ART! As a retired Spanish and Art teacher, Patsy hosts workshops on weekends free for students who want to get creative. Over the last…

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