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Starfish Students on “What Education Means to Me”

Over the past two weeks we have had the opportunity to talk with a number of Starfish students about what having an education means to them.  What is striking about their responses, from the newest members of Starfish to the oldest, is how they view their education as something not just for themselves but for…

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Meet the newest group to Starfish: “Wave of Hope”

The newest members of Starfish joined together this week for their first mentor meeting!  The girls showed up nervous, giddy, and full of excited energy.  After receiving an introduction to the values and expectations of the Starfish program the girls were given the task of coming up with a name for their group.  It was…

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January 18, 2013: Interview with the Director of Starfish, Norma Bajan

This morning we spoke with Norma Bajan, the Director of Starfish, about hopes and plans for 2013.  Here is what she had to share with us: What are some things going on at Starfish that are you excited about this year? This year we have a total of 213 starfish students.  At the end of this…

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Andrea – Santiago mentor, graduate program and internship program coordinator

Andrea embodies the “go get it” attitude of her hometown, Santiago Atitlan. As the largest indigenous run town in Central America, Tzutujil is spoken as a first language and Spanish is learned in schools. Andrea’s can-do spirit makes her invaluable in her role as the internship program supervisor, advocating and offering feedback for all students…

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Maria – Starfish pioneer, what it means to survive and thrive

When Hurricane Stan hit Guatemala in 2005, it came with brutal force. The torrential rains caused landslides on the steep volcanic topography around Lake Atitlan. Maria found herself caught in a landslide. Buried up to her neck in mud, it was hours before her family found her and began to dig her out. Her family…

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