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Interview with a Starfish Graduate: Celena

We recently had a chance to talk to one of our newly graduated Starfish students and new mentor, Celena, about her experience. Q: What has been the hardest part about completing the last 6 years of secondary schooling? The illness of my father made things very difficult. And high school got even harder economically because…

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Starfish volunteer reflects

Peace corps member and Starfish volunteer, Linnea, reflects on her international experience. Today marks my 20-month anniversary with Guatemala and I’d like to share some highlights of our beautiful and, at times, tumultuous relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs and the same goes for Guatemala, but somehow it always evens out in the…

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Graduation Season in Guatemala

Our volunteer in the field, Linnea, sends us a first-hand account of graduations in Guatemala: “We’ve made it through flag season, we’re just about done with graduation season and we’re moving right along into Christmas season! I’d like to explain to you what graduation season means here in Guatemala. I’m sure we all know what…

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Four days. One launch. Two thousand dollars (…and growing)

“It filled my heart and fueled my passion,” says Allison Grenney, 24 year old and founder of EduKate, of her trip to visit with Starfish One by One in Guatemala this November. Allison’s business, EduKate makes tote bags with 1/3 of profits supporting Starfish One by One. Eventually, her venture will grow to support girls’…

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2012 Starfish Graduate: Chonita

Congratulations to Starfish graduate, Concepcion “Chonita” Cua. Last week, at the age of 22, Chonita graduated as the valedictorian of her class in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. Her widowed mother never attended school; Chonita is the first. “Losing my fear ” has been Chonita’s biggest challenge over the last three years. As the only daughter of…

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