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13 Messages for Women Around the World

At Starfish we celebrate women everyday, but March is a particularly special month for women across the planet. The US celebrates Women’s History Month, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, and (in the spirit of things) our staff members have some words of wisdom to share. We asked them, “What messages do you have for women and girls in your community, in Guatemala, and around the world?” Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Jeronima Sulugui Chumil, Kaqchikel Educator
    My message for all women is that we are special women. We make life easier for other men and women. We are the ones who encourage dreams, feelings, and thoughts and help others with the warmth of our heart. I invite friends, sisters and neighbors to be strong and empowered champions with our everyday actions.

  2. Yakelin Menchú, Sololá Mentor
    I have learned to accept the challenge of doing things that I have never done before. Personal growth and comfort can never coexist.

  3. Beverly Tecún, Universities Program Coordinator
    Continue fighting, striving, and working for your dreams. Every dream is attainable through steps that we ourselves create!

  4. Andrea Coché Mendoza, Program Director
    I hope that every single one of you has the determination to attain your dreams and views obstacles as challenges to overcome; above all I hope that you learn to love yourselves and never let anyone cause you harm.

  5. Norma BajánIn-Country Director
    Fight for that which you want the most and work hard to achieve your goals. Educate yourselves because with an education, everything is possible, and it’s something that no one can take away from you.

  6. Virgilio Yach Queche, Language Arts Educator
    Don’t give up on your dreams because of each obstacle that life brings you. Live life with happiness and love, focusing not on the love that depends on a man but that love that you are and the love that you create.

  7. Ana Caniz López, Administrative Coordinator
    Although the world changes day to day, you should continue on forward with your goals. Don’t let anyone tell you “you can’t do it”, and show the whole world that women have determination.

  8. Cecilia ArriazaChispa Network Director
    Our fight is to gain something that is ours and has been taken away from us. Each one of us has responsibility to rise up for ourselves and for all women. Each one of us has the potential to leave a footprint in history, and we have to use our voice to achieve that.

  9. Vanessa Vàsquez, Small Businesses Program Coordinator
    Girls, teenagers, women of all ages…it’s time make changes in ourselves. Certain things are difficult to change, but each one us must initiate making changes in our families and by doing so we are making changes in the system. We must pass along this sensitization and these changes to our daughters but also our sons so that together we can build a united country with equity and equality.

  10. Mercedes Alvarado, Administrative Director
    Women’s unity guarantees that our fights for equality are more forceful; we must always persevere and be excellent in what we do.

  11. Celena Cuy, Panajachel Mentor
    We must always have a vision and think positively to achieve it, overcome every obstacle, and enjoy the fact that we are women.

  12. Miriam Florestina Cuc BixculGeneration 2 Educator
    Change is within us! We should respect ourselves and never allow anyone to make us feel lesser than. We should be women of change showing our daughters (especially our indigenous daughters) the value that women have.

  13. Vilma Saloj, Starfish Impact School Director
    Life is a space in time. Search for yourself and when you find yourself, you will find the value of dreaming, of being successful, and of creating a transformative society.

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