Our Mission


Starfish unlocks- and maximizes- the potential of young women to lead transformational change.


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Our Model

The premise is simple: find a generation of teenage girls living in poverty but who possess extremely high aptitude, and mutually commit to bringing forth the full potential of each young woman.  We call these girls our Girl Pioneers. Our program takes a holistic approach to transformation – providing not only access to schooling, but also mentorship and leadership support and instruction for each of our Girl Pioneers. Every element of our program is designed to nurture each Girl Pioneer and help her define and realize her dreams.


Program elements are defined below:



At Starfish our goal is to innovate high-impact responses that equip each Girl Pioneer with the skills to blaze a new trail and become part of the first-generation female outliers. This approach is in stark contrast to traditional approaches to development.
girl-pioneer-icon-04The result? Our Girl Pioneers are far surpassing several generations of otherwise incremental change. And we believe our approach will propel and inspire countless others to do the same.





Our Impact


The goal of Starfish is to create a dramatic change in the lives of the Starfish girls, their families, and their communities.

We aim to reverse the cycle of poverty that the Mayan people have experienced for generations.

To do so, we know that more is required than simply providing schooling to the girls. We must extend this to realize long-standing paradigm shifts.

As such, we measure our program effectiveness based on our collective impact. This is to say, the impact of our efforts to the girls, their families and their communities – now and for the future. Our results thus far demonstrate this first signs of a dramatic change.


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